Discover the Advantages of SmartLipo for a Beach-Ready Body

Image plays an integral role in your sense of self. Maybe you don’t necessarily want to look like a stick-thin model, but you want to feel satisfied with the appearance of your body proportions and tone. If you engage in healthy lifestyle habits, eating well and exercising on a regular basis, and yet find it difficult to sculpt your body as you would like, you may be interested in the SmartLipo procedure to achieve your desired outcome.

SmartLipo versus Conventional Liposuction
smartlipo fresno ca | Kathleen L. Behr M.D.

The SmartLipo body-sculpting procedure is a wonderful alternative to traditional liposuction for many people. This innovative procedure differs from its predecessor in a few pivotal ways. You see, SmartLipo incorporates the power of laser energy, maximizing the fat-removal process while also improving safety and recovery.

Conventional liposuction involves injections of a saline solution into the area or areas of concern. This fluid breaks up fat cells. SmartLipo, on the other hand, targets unwanted fat with intense light, which causes lipids within the cells to liquefy. The transformed consistency of fat cells makes them more easily removed through a tiny tube called a cannula.

The ease with which fat cells are removed by laser is just the first benefit of the SmartLipo procedure. Secondary to fat removal, laser energy that gets absorbed into the tissue beneath the epidermis also stimulates collagen rebuilding, which is necessary for tighter, smoother skin. So you not only get a slimmer body, but you get more supple skin to boot.

One of the significant advantages to laser liposuction is the gentle nature of the surgical procedure. The precision of laser energy targets only the cells we want, leaving surrounding tissue intact. This equates to less bleeding, less bruising, and an expedited recovery. Many patients are able to get back to their normal lifestyle within a few days of their surgery.

Dr. Behr understands the various reasons why patients visit to discuss body shaping procedures. In addition to SmartLipo, she also performs tumescent liposuction as well as non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening treatments. Depending on your concerns and expectations from treatment, SmartLipo may be the best way for you to get the beach-ready body you want.

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