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Benefits Of SmartLipo

Woman getting SmartLipo

None of us likes to look at fatty deposits on our body. Chances are, though, that a large percentage of us will struggle with persistent fat at some point. It may be on the back of your arms that fat refuses to release. It may be beneath your chin, or you may have a muffin top that stubbornly sticks around no matter how much you deprive yourself. For many years and millions of people, liposuction has been the answer to unwanted fat. Today, there’s SmartLipo, a minimally-invasive laser lipolysis procedure that melts fat cells.

We are proud to offer SmartLipo to men and women in the Fresno area. Here, we want to discuss the reasons that more patients are choosing this method over traditional liposuction.

  1. Did we say minimally invasive? In recent years, there has been a strong push toward non-surgical and minimally-invasive surgical procedures. SmartLipo meets this demand with a small laser probe and cannula about the size of a pen point.
  2. Laser energy means tighter skin. One of the concerns that arise simultaneously to excess fat is loose skin. High heat, such as from the SmartLipo laser probe, not only melts fat cells but also causes collagen contraction. Because collagen strands are responsible for the firmness and tightness of skin, the shrinkage of these strands makes overlying skin tighten up.
  3. Tiny incisions. Melting fat before extraction allows us to remove these cells with a smaller cannula, or tube. This means smaller incisions, and smaller incisions imply that scars may disappear completely in time.
  4. Accelerated recovery. Most people are busier than they’d like to be, and this can get in the way of getting treatments that will heighten self-confidence. SmartLipo, with its small incisions and gentle fat extraction, facilitates a faster recovery. Patients are back to their normal routine, minus strenuous exercise, within a day or two after their procedure.

Is Cellulite A Problem?

It is important to understand that cellulite has little to do with the amount of fat in a given area. Therefore, liposuction of any kind is unlikely to reduce the appearance of this condition. If cellulite is a problem you would like to eliminate along with extra fatty tissue, contact our Fresno office to discuss a combination of SmartLipo and Cellulaze.


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