The Vectus Laser for Instant Hair Removal

laser hair treatmentThe weather is warming up and there is no better time to begin thinking about your laser hair removal options. With laser hair removal treatment you can kick those razors and tweezers to the curb for good. No more painful waxing either!

However, not all lasers are created equal – which is why Dr. Behr is proud to now offer treatment with the innovative Vectus Laser. Vectus works well on skin of all types and colors and is incredibly comfortable treatment. The Vectus laser is designed with sapphire tips that shed their heat quickly and apply focused light only at the roots of the hair while leaving skin cool.

Among the other advantages to Vectus treatment, this laser method requires fewer sessions for permanent removal. No laser hair treatment can be accomplished in just one session. This is because body hair grows in cycles. However, Vectus comes as close to this result as possible requiring fewer sessions that other lasers.

Contact Dr. Kathleen Behr today to learn more about the unique benefits of treatment with the Vectus laser for body hair removal.

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