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Fresno, CA Chemical Peels

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We offer a variety of chemical peels of different strengths to help reduce the signs of aging, scars and blemishes and restore the natural beauty of your skin! Chemical peels remove a layer of skin with a chemical preparation allowing the skin to grow back smoother than before and with reduced imperfections, leaving you with a younger, fresher appearance. We can determine which chemical facial peel may be right for you.

There are several types of chemical peels available, including:

Light chemical peel (glycolic or salicylic acid):

These chemical peels are used to improve dry skin and uneven pigmentation. They can also be used to help improve the effects of sun-damage and help to control acne. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Medium chemical peel (TCA):

This type of chemical peel is most often used for those who want to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, mild blemishes and uneven pigmentation.

Acne chemical peels:

Chemical peels can be used to help control acne and smooth the appearance of acne scars. The strength of the peel will depend on the patient’s skin condition.

Depending on the type of peel received will determine the length of recovery time. Some patients can resume normal daily activities immediately following treatment, while other, more intense treatments may require patients to take a week off from work for optimal recovery.

While there are rarely any complications associated with chemical peels, certain risks do exist, including scarring, swelling, infection, cold sore outbreaks and possible changes in skin tone. To help reduce side effects associated with chemical peels it is important to provide your doctor with a complete medical history and follow the instructions provided by your doctor carefully.


Helps reduce the primary signs of photoaging (fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections). Two step clinical procedure combining manual exfoliation (dermaplane) and chemical exfoliation. A series of 6 treatments is required for best results.


Micropeel Plus

Helps reduce ance and keep problematic skin clear of breakouts. One-step clinical procedure of chemical exfoliation with salicylic acid. A series of 6 treatments is required for best results.


PCA-Enhanced Jessner Peel

This peel will help reduce breakouts, control oil, reduce hyperpigmentation, soften lines and provide a more even, smoother skin texture. Patient may experience skin peeling for up to 5 days after peel.


PCA-Ultra Peel

Formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin. The final result will be plumper, more hydrated and soft skin. Patient may experience skin peeling for up to 5 days after peel.


Patients having chemical peels should discontinue leave on glycolics, retinoids, and waxing 5 days prior to treatment.

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